Willow Creek Laundromat
Coin Laundry

 Not only the newest Cleaninng Machines, now new LED Lighting!

The Willow Creek Laundromat has now added LED Lighting for a new, BRIGHTER LOOK!  Our energy saving lighting system not only had added brightness, it is savings us nearly 80% on our power bill attributed to lighting.

All Willow Creek Laundromat machines are very high tech.  They are computerized, the customer can alter the rotation of the wash prior to starting the washer.  This reduces agitation, which in turn can better stabilize color and size, and keeps color loss and shrinkage to a minimum.  Of course the temperature of the water can be regulated as well, the other aspect that reduces color loss and shrinkage...
Unlike the typical washer at home, all of our washers are front-loaded, there is no "agitator" in the center that can damage clothing by turning, brushing and creating friction.  The clothes are loaded, the machine fills with water, (our 50 pound washer utilizes a much smaller volume of water than a typical home washer) and then the clothing is rotated through the water and out with the liquid doing the laundering rather than an agitator.  The customer pre-loads all her laundry products prior to starting the machine; she can add a small amount of soap to the pre-wash compartment, add powder or liquid for the main wash, (the machine has two separate compartments for this), as well as water softener and or bleach in yet another compartment.  The machine will add the product to the machine at the appropriate cycle and time.  Once the customer starts the machine they are then free to go get lunch or run an errand, the machine shows a digital readout of the time remaining...
Another nice feature is that the customer can select a delicate operation, which would be appropriate for fine fabrics such as lace or even for valuable older pieces such as antique, hand stitched comforters, spreads and throws.  The delicate cycles allow the garments to soak for several minutes, then rotate the drum so that the garments are gently, slowly brought out of the bath, then laid back into the water to soak again.
Each machine has several rinses, which pulls out the soap and soil from the fabric.  (Soap that remains in fabric causes the garment to be scratchy or itchy when worn, our equipment mitigates that issue).
Another truly unique feature is the spin cycle of the washers themselves.  We have a standard spin cycle, which has a normal spin velocity, or at no extra charge the customer can select our "turbo" setting, which spins the drum at  200 G's, which means that you spend less time in our dryers with jeans and heavy fabrics like blankets.  (Indeed, our washers spin the clothing so fast that the machines have to be bolted to the deck to keep them in place).

When you pull a garment out of one of our washers after a "Turbo" spin, it is only slightly damp, requiring far less time in the dryer.  After all, time is money. 
Our most advanced machines are made in Holland.  Each machine has pictogram's for operating information, but we like our customers to know that we are always attended and will assist them with their machines at any time in so that they get the greatest value for their laundry needs.  We have had many folks come in and try and put a load in a machine that is actually too large for their needs, no need to pay for a machine larger than your needs.
Our machines are so efficient that they generally use one half to one quarter of the soap that a customer is used to, yet clean their clothing better.  They are more efficient, using less utilities, which is better for our environment. 
We provide Wash, Dry and Fold services to our customers with turn around times as quick as 4 hours!

Willow Creek Laundromat
Jones Ferry Road @ Hwy. 54 Bypass
At the Carrboro Burger King,
Between Hong Kong Restaurant
& Food Lion

602 Jones Ferry Road,
Open 7am to 10pm Seven Days/Week!
Last wash is at 9pm

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